Paper collage of fox in autumn aspens in wooden frame

High Country Autumn Collage

Large-scale cowgirl metal wall sculpture with sugar skull makeup hanging on a rustic barn. Art by Dolan Geiman.

Red Sage Rider Metal Sculpture

Dolan Geiman metal wall sculpture of woman Mother Nature holding owl and fawn with floral headdress.

Mother Nature Metal Sculpture

Native American wall art in frame above a fireplace. Headdress of feathers with flock of birds. Art by Dolan Geiman.

Always Everything Print

Vaquero and Bandit Cowgirl framed art print set by Dolan Geiman

Vaquero-Cowgirl Print Set

Original paper collages in museum setting. Sugar skull makeup Vaquera and Catriona holding vigil.

Vigil + Vaquera Collages

Metal wall sculpture of Native American woman with feathered headdress and flock of birds and insects

Forget Me Not Metal Sculpture

Bandit cowgirl in bandana artwork holding guns with feathered hat. Original paper collage by Dolan Geiman.

Midnight at the... Collage

Catriona Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos wall art

Señorita Violet Print

Dolan Geiman paper collage artwork of a cowboy in a handmade frame.

Rustler, Cowboy Collage

Customer paper collage of elk and bear in autumn mountain scene

Custom Elk and Bear Collage

Mule deer taxidermy mount metal wall sculpture

Mule Deer Sculpture - In White

Sugar skull cowgirl original paper collage with red hat and butterfly shoulder details.

Vaquera (Painted Lady) Collage

Circular moose collage hanging on a fireplace

Willow King Collage

Original paper collage of naturalist bird watcher woman in patterned jacket by Dolan Geiman

The Naturalist Collage

Diptych of fox and bobcat in aspen tree paper collages by Dolan Geiman

Fox and Bobcat Collages

Large-scale bison taxidermy mount metal wall sculpture with metal backplate hanging above a fireplace with the artist Dolan Geiman

Large-scale Bison Sculpture

Paper collage artwork of cowgirl and cowboy with ink transfer technique faces in ranch setting.

Quilted Wrangler Collages

Custom mallard duck collage of ducks in flight over a marsh

Custom Mallards Collage

Vaquera sugar skull cowgirl paper collage with cactus details and guns. Art by Dolan Geiman.

Heartbreaker Collage

Brahman cow on a ranch original paper collage artwork. Texas scene by Dolan Geiman.

Mail Pouch Brahman Collage

Art print of a moose in the mountains in a brightly colored children's room

Trail of the Great King Print

Indigo bear in the forest paper collage artwork in wooden frame

Bosque del Oso Print

Trio of elk in aspen trees original paper collage

Stonewall Elk Collage

Paper collage of a wolf standing in aspen trees with a mining cabin in the background

Miner's Apparition Collage

Paper collage of a cowboy on horseback in a desert scene with mesas

Night Scout Collage

Surrealist depiction of the Garden of Eden with a stag and fox in native flora

Garden of Eden Collage

3D Santa Gertrudis bull taxidermy mount metal wall sculpture made from rusted metal shown with artist Dolan Geiman

Santa Gertrudis 3D Sculpture

Black Forest Bavaria style taxidermy moose made from baseball glove leather and salvaged materials

Faux Moose Antlers

Set of six paper prints in frames showing figures with sugar skull makeup and Charro hats. Dia de los Muertos artwork for home.

Sugar Skull Print Set

Framed Cutthroat Trout Art Print

Framed Cutthroat Trout Print

King Bison Metal Wall Sculpture by Dolan Geiman, the centerpiece of this fireplace mantle in Crested Butte, Colorado

King Bison Metal Wall Sculpture

Three art prints in frames of Dia de los Muertos sugar skull women in trendy geometric dining room setting

Sugar Skull Print Set

Paper collage of deer in field outside abandoned drive-in movie theatre

Drive-in Deer Collage

Dolan Geiman metal wall sculpture cowboy in bright colors

Vaquero Metal Wall Sculpture

Set of five animal prints including bison, pronghorn, fox, ram, and bobcat by Denver collage artist Dolan Geiman

Western Mammals Print Set

African impala faux taxidermy mount sculpture crafted from metal

Impalas Faux Taxidermy

Wall sculptures of Vaquera cowgirl with sugar skull makeup and Native American chief with headdress

Metal Figurative Portraits

3D mixed media owl sculpture made from found objects and salvaged metal

The Path at Night Owl Sculpture

La Guitarrista Metal Assemblage by Dolan Geiman shown propped on low bookcase | a touch of whimsy and tactility for any interior

La Guitarrista Metal Assemblage

Permit fish metal wall sculptures in blue and green tones

Trophy Fish (Permit) Sculptures

The striking silhouette of this Mexican woman hangs above a modern black lounge chair | Senorita Flores 32 x 40 print framed in black by Dolan Geiman

Framed Señorita Flores Print

The centerpiece of this modern western home, a faux taxidermy sculpture of a mule deer buck crafted out of metal. Celebrates the outdoorsman with rustic elegance.

Mule Deer Sculpture

3D mixed media wall sculpture of longhorn faux taxidermy mount

Longhorn Sculpture

Dolan Geiman Our Lady of Guadalupe collage original shown in living room

Our Lady of Guadalupe Collage

Oval collage of mountain camping scene with tent and pine trees

Tent Camping Collage

Striped bass 2D metal wall sculpture in blue and teal. Art by Dolan Geiman.

Trophy Fish (Striped Bass) Sculpture

Mixed media vintage bicycle sculpture made from salvaged metal hanging on wall

Vintage Bicycle Wall Sculpture

Birds in tree art print

Dawn in the... Collage

Native American male in headdress holding bird paper collage

Father Nature Collage