Stockist Guide

Hello Stockists

Welcome to our stockist guide with resources to assist you in stocking Dolan Geiman artwork. This guide focuses on our extensive paper print offerings, but please know that stocking original artwork is also an option. Have a question not answered here? Please ask so we can post to the benefit of all our retail partners.

Welcome Guide
Print & enjoy: Dolan Geiman Stockist Info Sheet

Ali Marie Geiman + Davina Tweedy
Studio: 303.736.2437
Email:  +

Wholesale Resource Folder Hosted via Drive

DG Stockists - Print Images Folder
Includes web-ready images of all available print editions + pricing spreadsheet.

Wholesale Pricing
Wholesale Pricing Spreadsheet
Direct link to the pricing spreadsheet. Includes 3 tabs along bottom of spreadsheet: Pricing Overview - Print List - Magnetic Hangers

Pricing Overview - Print List - Magnetic Hangers
Pricing Overview - Print List - Magnetic Hangers

Pricing Overview - Print List - Magnetic Hangers

Status.txt Files in Folder
Text files accompany every Dolan Geiman artwork image in this folder and update retailers on the availability of each print size. Each print is produced in a small, medium, and large edition. Each size is limited edition, not open edition, and we often sell out quickly! When an edition sells out, the status file is updated as well as the "Print List" tab within the wholesale pricing spreadsheet. 

Example - Adelita Print Status.txt
16 x 20 - avail $65 rolled in multiple, $70 packaged individually
24 x 30 - avail $125 rolled in multiple, $130 packaged individually
32 x 40 - not available; sold out

Rolled vs Packaged Individually
Some of our stockists prefer the economy of having all prints combined & rolled inside one tube. This "rolled" or "rolled together" price option is appropriate for stockists who will be framing the prints themselves or flattening then hanging via a simple clothesline method. We offer keystone pricing when choosing this "Option A". 

Most of our retailers prefer the prints to be packaged individually, "Option B". This option allows for the creation of "browse bins" or table displays within the store. It also helps facilitate the packaging of prints for customers upon sale. The cost is an additional $5/print. For small sizes (e.g.16 x 20) the print is individually packaged on white foam core backing with clear sleeve. A bio postcard is included on the back side of the print. 

Due to the scale of the prints, medium and large prints (e.g. 24 x 30 - 32 x 40) are not packaged on foam core with sleeve, but rolled and packaged inside individual kraft tubes with Dolan Geiman sticker.

I'm Confused - Are These Rolled Too? 
Yes. The difference is that each medium/large print has its own tube. The prints are not combined and rolled all together inside one giant tube.
We have no re-order minimums and are happy to drop ship orders directly to the customer.  To help us manage small re-orders, orders less than $375 will be billed at the drop ship unit price regardless of packaging.

Drop Shipment
Place special orders / drop ship orders via our Wholesale Shop (login required). For instruction, see our How-To Guide

The unit price we use if we drop ship a single print directly to your customer:
Option A (Base, Rolled Together) Price + $5 Drop Ship Fee. 

Example Unit Price for Drop Ship Prints:

16 x 20 - $70
24 x 30 - $130
32 x 40 - $200

For drop ship, we use flat rate shipping rates so retailers can accurately quote shipping costs to their customers. Via the wholesale pricing spreadsheet, Pricing Overview tab, see the column "Drop Ship Shipping Rate" for flat rate shipping.

Example Flat Rate Shipping for Drop Ship Prints:
16 x 20 - $10.00 per order
24 x 30 - $15.00 per order
32 x 40 - $15.00 per order

Drop ship orders are rolled in kraft tube and shipped directly to customer or store, as requested.

Drop Ship Turnaround Time
Unframed prints: 1-3 business days + transit time
Matted & framed prints: 4 weeks + transit time

Matted & Framed Prints
Traditional matted & framed prints are available working in conjunction with a third-party framer. Average turnaround time is 4 weeks + transit from their Ohio facility. Via the wholesale pricing spreadsheet, Pricing Overview tab, see the column "Wholesale Framed" for pricing (shipping included).

These framed prints include:
  • +Composite wood frame in choice of 3 finishes: black, natural, or walnut
  • +UV-shielding plexiglas
  • +Archival acid-free foam core backing
  • +Hanging hardware on back of print

Magnetic Hangers
Working in collaboration with Well Made, we also offer solid walnut wood hangers with magnets that work like a clamp to frame art prints. This economical frame alternative allows retailers to rotate the art prints on display without the hassle of traditional frames. Each hanger includes a string ready-to-hang off a nail or OOK hanger. See pricing via the wholesale pricing spreadsheet, Magnetic Hangers tab. For more sample photos of prints displayed in the magnetic hangers, click here.

PRO TIP: All opening orders include 1 complimentary set of magnetic hangers.

My Customer Is Interested in Original Artwork
Great!  Our regularly updated Ready to Ship Originals page + Price List serve to assist our retailers in pursuing sales of original artworks. Retailers with proven print sales history are eligible to purchase original works at a wholesale discount of 40% off retail. For original art commissions including pricing and guidelines, please see our Commission One-Sheet for Retailers.

Suggested Retail Pricing
Ultimately, pricing is at the discretion of our retailers, but we do offer a “Suggested Retail” column on the wholesale pricing spreadsheet as a guide.  Look for pricing for unframed prints on the first Pricing Overview tab of the wholesale spreadsheet.


To ensure our retailers are able to provide unique product offerings in their community, we offer exclusive relationships, based on the retailer's county, to our retail partners. Exclusivity is only offered for those collection(s) actively stocked in the store and that maintain a minimum order threshold of $2400 per quarter.

More Print Details
Our prints are high-quality archival reproductions of Dolan Geiman's original, handcrafted papers collages. See resource pages -- Print Details and From Collage to Print -- to help staff and customers understand these unique print offerings.
Short Bio for Web Use

Weaving together a love for folktales, myths, and the natural world with a desire to translate found materials into works of art, Dolan Geiman speaks the language of paper, wood, & metal. Each work of art is handcrafted from an array of materials salvaged & collected from abandoned farms, warehouses, & forgotten fields. From paper collages to metal wall sculptures, the artwork weaves tales of bygone eras & untamed wilderness in an attempt to ignite our sense of wonder for the rugged American landscape & its icons.

PRO TIP: All opening orders receive a packet of bio postcards. We're happy to send more anytime.