Midnight Roundup Collage

Midnight Roundup Collage

Bison on Bookcovers

Bison on Bookcovers

Stargazing Metal Sculpture

Stargazing Metal Sculpture

Indigo Morning Metal Sculpture

Indigo Morning Metal Sculpture

Water & Willow Collage

Water & Willow Collage

September Evening Collage

September Evening Collage

Canyon Creek Angel Metal Sculpture

Canyon Creek Angel Metal Sculpture

Sundial Collage

Sundial Collage

Cactus Rodeo Collage

Cactus Rodeo Collage

Dolan Geiman surrealist art collage commission with trio of goddesses | statement skeleton art

Custom Soothsayer Collage

Dolan Geiman found object sculpture of bison head.  Original buffalo art shown in modern adobe private residence

Bison Sculpture

Dolan Geiman collage art, a mixed media elk in mountain landscape. Modern western art shown in private residence in Crested Butte, CO.

Custom Bliss on the Butte Collage

Dolan Geiman contemporary collage featuring a longhorn in Texas landscape rendered in teal, turquoise, red, and other colorful hues.

Texas Flush Collage

Dolan Geiman modern cowboy in desert canvas print entitled Night Scout shown in living room with brown and beige hues.

Night Scout Canvas Print

Dolan Geiman contemporary Southwest art shown in dining room. This original paper collage features a Burro, cactus, and quail in turquoise and pink hues.

Burro Country Collage

A charming set of cowboy and cowgirl art prints above a dresser showcasing the spirit of the Wild West with Southwest flair.

Snake River - Vaquera Print Set

Dolan Geiman Indigo Mountain canvas print depicts a vibrant bison set against a backdrop of majestic mountains. This stunning buffalo art piece makes an eye-catching centerpiece for mountain modern homes.

Indigo Mountain Canvas Print

A captivating set of Southwestern collage art prints featuring elements of the desert landscape. -- cactus flora, a tortoise, and a jackrabbit -- each infused with the spirit of the Southwest. Modern desert art shown for the adobe home.

Cactus Country Print Set

Dolan Geiman collage painting features redhead ducks in flight against an abstract backdrop of blue and grey hues. Rich, textured mixed media entitled Winter Redheads

Winter Redheads Collage

Dolan Geiman The Protector (Barn Owl) original paper collage features the striking image of an owl with wings expanded in flight against moody indigo blue backdrop. Centerpiece for the living room.

The Protector Collage

a living room with Mexican cowgirl canvas art print hanging on shelf

Mustang Mesa Canvas Print

Dolan Geiman Make a Wish, a striking white horse wall sculpture, meticulously hand-cut from salvaged metal and reclaimed materials.

Make a Wish Metal Sculpture

Country singer cowgirl art print and cowboy with a beer art print in gold frames by artist Dolan Geiman

Cowgirl-Cowboy Print Set

art scaling suggestion | bright home office with art prints hung in recessed wall niche

Mustang Mesa Print

Surreal bear in jungle paper collage canvas print reproduction with bright colors and birds

Moon's Pink Glue Canvas Print

Owl art print in bright colors on night sky background with wings spread. By artist Dolan Geiman.

The Protector, II Print

Mixed media bear silhouette in wood and found materials by assemblage artist Dolan Geiman

Walking Bear Silhouette

Mixed media longhorn artwork depicting dozens of longhorns screenprinted on vintage book covers and painted

On the Goodnight... Mixed Media

Eagle River Eclipse Trout paper collage

Eagle River Eclipse Collage

Surreal teal and pink paper print of deer in a forest

Rare Print No. 01

Native American woman with feathered headdress and flock of birds and insects paper collage art print framed

Forget Me Not Print

Bandit cowgirl with guns art print framed in stylish loft.

Cowgirl Bandana, II Print

Cowboy art canvas print with ink transfer technique and bright jacket

Quilted Wrangler Canvas Print

Pair of ducks in flight art prints in natural frames by Dolan Geiman

Duck Print Set

Custom original paper collage of Pistolera with sombrero and floral dress

Custom Pistolera Collage

Paper prints with hummingbirds and flowers in natural wood frames

Hummingbird Print Trio

Large Mouth Bass Mixed Media Wall Sculpture above a fireplace by assemblage artist Dolan Geiman

Large Mouth Bass Mixed Media

Original paper collage of pinyon jays in a tree with bright flowers in a trendy office space

Pinyon Jays Collage

Original paper collage of bluebirds in nest in wooden frame

Bluebird Days Collage

Set of three paper art prints of Vaquera cowgirls with sugar skull makeup and guns and a cowboy in vest

Adelita (Horses) Print Trio

Speckled horse collage on blue background

Freckles collage

scale shot of Mustang Mesa metal cowgirl wall sculpture made by Dolan Geiman

Mustang Mesa Metal Sculpture

Barn owl paper collage in bright blue frame by artist Dolan Geiman

The Sibyl Collage

Paper art print of bison in bright colors from original paper collage by Dolan Geiman

Rest Not... Canvas Print

Cowboy country singer and cowgirl country singer paper art prints from silkscreen ink transfer original artworks

Cowboy-Cowgirl Print Set

Paper collage of mama bear with cubs in blue tones with aspen trees

Field Trip Collage

Metal wall sculpture of a football quarterback

Quarterback Metal Sculpture

Paper collage of fox in autumn aspens in wooden frame

High Country Autumn Collage

Large-scale cowgirl metal wall sculpture with sugar skull makeup hanging on a rustic barn. Art by Dolan Geiman.

Red Sage Rider Metal Sculpture

Dolan Geiman metal wall sculpture of woman Mother Nature holding owl and fawn with floral headdress.

Mother Nature Metal Sculpture