Original custom paper collage artworks featuring Native American figures in traditional dress. Dolan Geiman Native American art.

Native American Collage Set

Prickly cactus with jackrabbit and birds art print in bright frame

Desert Morning Print

Mixed media assemblage of the silhouette of the United States crafted from reclaimed wood hanging in Americana-themed AirBnB bedroom

American Souvenir Silhouette

2D blue crab metal wall sculpture for beach house

Blue Crab Metal Sculpture

Whether displayed in a contemporary living room or cozy mountain retreat, this large Dolan Geiman original featuring a Native American figure makes a statement

American Heritage Collage

Native American man with headdress and Vaquera cowgirl with sugar skull makeup original paper collages in gallery setting

Torch Bearer Collage

Mixed media found object sculpture acoustic guitar

Songwriter Souvenir Guitar

Original sugar skull Vaquera collage art with pistols and horses in handmade salvaged metal frame by Dolan Geiman

Sugar Skull Cowgirl Collage

Brightly-colored bison paper collage in metal frame

Bison with Mountains Collage

Mixed media burro artwork with cactus by Dolan Geiman

Burro Painting

2D Longhorn Metal Wall Sculpture made with license plates and found metal

Longhorn Metal Wall Sculpture

Custom paper collage featuring a pair of mule deer in bright colors in handmade frame by artist Dolan Geiman

Mule Deer Collage

Pronghorn taxidermy mount found object metal sculpture

Faux Taxidermy Pronghorn

Black Forest Bavaria style faux taxidermy wall mount sculpture

Black Forest Faux Taxidermy

Native American paper collage portrait of a man in feathered headdress by artist Dolan Geiman

American Heritage Collage

Mixed media deer artwork with wood and reclaimed materials in earthy tones by artist Dolan Geiman

Virginia Den Silhouette

Mixed media leather and twine Black Forest style wall sculpture mounted deer head by artist Dolan Geiman

Black Forest Faux Taxidermy

Mixed media paper collage of American Bison in blue tones by artist Dolan Geiman

Bison Collage

Screenprinted Horse Art on fabric for trendy apartment

Screenprinted Horse Art