The Artist and Artwork

Dolan Geiman: Paper Collage, Mixed Media Sculpture & Found Object Assemblage Artist

"I collect like a scientist, I talk like a preacher, I sing like a sailor, and I make art like a farmer, planting ideas and getting my hands dirty every day."

Dolan Geiman is best known as a contemporary collage artist specializing in the reuse of found materials and objects including vintage paper, reclaimed wood and salvaged metal. These diverse collage materials are carefully curated, cut and combined with other artistic techniques including painting, screenprinting and sculpture to create the final modern artworks. Geiman’s original mixed media art collages are highly textured and intricately detailed, inspired by the flora and fauna of the natural world, the rich history of the US and the influence of classic collage artists that came before.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Dolan Geiman creates his modern mixed media artwork from a folk art tradition infused with a contemporary western style. Working as a full-time artist since 2001 with his wife and business partner Ali Marie, Geiman has achieved nationwide recognition through art fairs, art gallery representation and commission artwork for private and corporate clients. Past clients include Anthropologie, Dickies, New Balance, Pendleton, YouTube and over 100 public collections across the country. For a more complete list of past artwork clients and where to see Dolan Geiman’s collage art in person, check out his resume.

For historical influences on Geiman's collage work, see this round-up of his 10 Favorite Famous Collage Artists. And for more resources, see this Quick Reference page with FAQs and a short bio via Dolan Geiman Story.

The Artwork

Paper Collages

paper collage of owl made with thousands of pieces of cut paper.
Dolan Geiman creates his signature paper collages from thousands of hand-cut papers. For a better understanding of the collage art process with a pictorial step-by-step, see The Making of Our Paper Collages. Most of these contemporary original artworks are created within a small series (Vaquera for example), meaning the overall collage composition may be the same but each artwork is unique with its own set of reclaimed materials. Each paper collage original will vary slightly in color, pattern, typography and detail.

The metal frames seen on original paper collage artworks are also handmade by Dolan and unique to each piece. One-of-a-kind collage compositions are created on occasion, but command a higher price due to greater demand on time and resources. While most of his paper collages are figurative, Dolan has explored abstract collage artwork with pieces such as Strauss’s Waltz. Most paper collage original artworks are translated into high-quality art prints on archival paper and occasionally for larger works, stretched canvas, available for sale.

Metal Collages


metal collage of female figure created from hand-cut salvaged metal
Like with vintage papers, Dolan Geiman uses intricately cut salvaged metal to create a different type of contemporary collage art. These original artworks hang as highly tactile, metal wall sculptures, echoing some of the collage series collections or individual artworks available in paper collage. Most metal collages are assembled on a painted wood backing and some are framed in wood or mounted on other salvaged metal materials, such a vintage tabletop or even a mailbox. Occasionally, Geiman will use both paper and metal collage elements in the same artwork as shown with Guadalupe Rising.


Mixed Media Wall Art

Not one to be constrained by any one artistic medium, Dolan Geiman uses a variety of materials and techniques including painting and screenprinting to create his mixed media wall art. In Stampede, the artist hand painted, printed and mounted 195 salvaged book covers to create the final mixed media artwork. In Crow Rain, painted and printed birds were hung with string from a scrap metal cloud above a painted and printed background. 

mixed media wall art | detail of American Souvenir USA silhouette with found object slats

Dolan Geiman also originated a unique silhouette technique which can be seen through much of his mixed media wall art. In this technique, a variety of found materials, from vintage wood rulers to tactile metal plates, are assembled behind a wood cut-out to create colorful stripes. The silhouette artworks are each unique and instantly recognizable with cherished forms such as maps, animals and musical instruments, and a variety of other flora and fauna. 

Faux Taxidermy

No animals are harmed in the making of this modern art. With these intricately collaged and assembled mixed media artworks, Dolan Geiman reinvents the classic taxidermy mount, fashioning majestic faux animal heads and antlers from reclaimed materials. In many of the modern art mounts, the artist painstakingly fashions strips of salvaged tin to resemble shaggy animal fur. Antlers are sculpted from wood and found materials, painted for contrast or realism.

Mixed Media 3D Sculptures

Black Swan Found object assemblage sculpture

Like with his Faux Taxidermy art pieces, Dolan Geiman often uses contemporary collage art techniques when creating his 3D sculptures from reclaimed, salvaged materials. Many of these modern art sculptures start with a carved wood frame onto which salvaged metal or leather pieces are layered and adhered.  While most of Dolan Geiman’s sculptures are meant to be displayed on a table or stand from the floor, some of these artworks can be hung as mixed media wall art or can function as furniture or lighting.

Painting, Drawing and Screenprinting



original mixed media painting , Dolan Geiman's Western Way series

While best known as a contemporary collage artist, Dolan Geiman also paints and screenprints to create many of his artworks. Some of these artworks have no collage elements, such as in the graphite and acrylic drawing Arroyo Shoulder, and some use touches of collage for contrast and texture, such as in Campfire Cowgirl. In his early days as an artist, Dolan Geiman was known for creating colorful screenprints on wood boards he called Panel Paintings.