Dolan Geiman Canvas Prints

What to know about these high-quality archival reproductions of Dolan Geiman's original paper collages.

Any Dolan Geiman Paper Print Can Be Translated into Canvas

Any print in Dolan Geiman's print portfolio can be translated into a canvas print. Particularly for large-scale prints (think larger than 32" x 40"), we love this statement reproduction option. Peruse the portfolio to identify the perfect decor for your home, office or cabin and use the form below to submit a request for a canvas print.

Canvas Print 101

Canvas prints are most akin to DG original collages

Reproduced on premium stretched canvas, these pieces have a look and feel very similar to the original collage. All of the hand-cut paper detail, from the vintage typography to subtle imagery, is retained in this canvas reproduction.

No reflection, no glare

No plexi-glass means no worries about reflection or glare, no matter the lighting in your space.

Easy to hang

Canvas prints are surprisingly light! Including the frame, most weigh around 15lbs, so standard hanging hardware (which we'll include with your shipment) is sufficient.

At your door in under 4 weeks from ordering

Compared with special-order oversized framed prints (which can take 4-6 weeks including special printing and framing via our third-party partner), canvas prints have a lead-time of just 3 weeks, plus shipping.

Add Hand Embellishing

Level up your canvas print acquisition with hand embellishing. This customized add-on adds another layer of intrigue (and conversation-starting!) to your canvas print. Dolan will use paint, pens and markers to create a truly one-of-a-kind version of one of these archival reproductions, just for you. Embellishing is available for an additional fee, which varies based on the size of your standard or special ordered canvas print. Inquire using the Order a Canvas button for a quote.

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Special Order a Canvas Print

High-quality archival reproduction finished with a wood float frame. Minimum sizing is 32" x 40". Pricing starts at $2400. Inquire below and we will reply with details within 24 hours.