Dolan Geiman Wholesale

Are you a brick & mortar retailer interested in purchasing prints and/or originals wholesale?

  • Welcome

    Thank you for interest in representing Dolan Geiman’s artwork. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our wholesale terms outlined on this page.

    Interested in stocking our prints only? Visit our partner website Faire. Benefits of using Faire include:

      +Net 60 terms
      +Free shipping with Dolan Geiman for one year*
      + Limited time: $100 credit to use on your first order with us when you sign up.*

      +Zip code protection

    * Retailers already on Faire are not eligible for the $100 off and year of free shipping

  • General Philosophy

    Our goal is close-knit relationships with a few, dedicated retail partners. While we have participated in large wholesale marketplaces like the New York International Gift Fair in the past, large wholesale volume is simply not a goal anymore. Our mantra is quality over quantity. We are a passionate, hardworking, and detail-oriented team and ask the same of our retail partners. This intimate, hands-on approach means we offer exclusivity, dedication, and a commitment to success for each and every retailer with whom we work.

  • Eligibility

    Frame shops or brick and mortar stores that specialize in small-batch/handcrafted wares, fine art, luxury gifts, and/or upscale home decor are encouraged to contact us. We do not wholesale to online-only or pop-up shops. Complete the form below with a quick introduction and we'll be in touch.

  • Designers & Consultants

    Interior designers and art consultants, please complete the trade application as wholesale pricing is only available to brick and mortar retailers.

  • Galleries & Consignment

    We are not pursuing formal gallery representation nor do we offer consignment at this time. Galleries are welcome to purchase artwork wholesale. Complete our wholesale application with interest.

  • Minimum Opening Order

    Our opening order minimum is $100; there are no re-order minimums.

  • Reorders

    There is no reorder minimum. All print orders must be prepaid by ordering online via Faire. Orders requested via email or text will be directed to Faire to finalize purchase.

  • Colorado + Texas Retailers

    All retailers based in Colorado and Texas must complete and return a resale certificate prior to shipment of their opening order. In Colorado, that is form DR-0563 and Texas form 01-339.

  • Special Orders/Drop Shipment

    We welcome and encourage special orders and drop shipment of orders directly to your customers. To this end, we do not charge retailers a drop ship fee. Orders can be placed via Faire; simply message with the recipient's address after placing the order.

    Average fulfillment time is: 1-3 business days for unframed prints and in-stock originals, 3 weeks for canvas prints, and 4 weeks for framed prints.

  • Stocking Original Artwork

    We do not offer consignment. A selection of original artwork is available on Faire. Additional original artwork is available on Please contact us to request wholesale purchase instructions. For original art commissions including pricing and guidelines, please see our Commission One-Sheet for Retailers.

  • Shipping

    Retailers are responsible for shipping costs. Orders ship via UPS Ground. Orders are packed safely and efficiently to minimize the number of cartons and reduce shipping costs. Shipping for drop ship orders is billed at flat rates; see our stockist guide for details. 

  • Damage in Transit

    If an order has arrived in damaged condition, please contact us immediately for further instruction. We will need photos of the box exterior, interior packaging, and evidence of damage to the artwork to submit a claim to the carrier. Please keep all original packaging materials on hand for a claim review with the shipping carrier. Following the claims process, we will advise of next steps with the damaged artwork. All work kept beyond 2 days without notification is assumed to be delivered safely and is considered a final sale.

  • Exchanges

    Retailers whose wholesale orders total $5K or more within a 12-month period are eligible to exchange unsold works for new art.  Qualifying retailers are eligible to exchange work valued up to 10% of total spending in last 6 months. If a returned work shows any wear or damage, we reserve the right to refuse the exchange. Artworks may be exchanged within 12 months from the date of receipt. 

  • Exclusivity

    To ensure our retailers are able to provide unique product offerings in their community, we offer exclusive relationships, based on the retailer's zip code, to our retail partners. The first retailer to place an order will have a 90-day exclusivity for the zip code where the shop is located. After 90 days, if the retailer does not reorder or hit our minimum quarterly order threshold of $1250 per collection (annual threshold of $5K per collection) , another retailer will be permitted to place an order. 

    Zip code exclusivity is only offered for those collection(s) actively stocked in the store (e.g. paper prints vs. canvas prints vs. originals). The order threshold is per collection, not cumulative. For retailers stocking canvas prints, this means ordering one (1) canvas per quarter to maintain exclusivity in this line.

  • Selling our Work Online

    Stores with active status (at least 1 order per 90 days) may offer our paper prints for sale via their store website (no third-party sites like eBay or Amazon). These online offerings can include both stocked and non-stocked selections to facilitate special orders. Stores may only sell via their store website canvas prints and originals in-stock at their brick and mortar location.

  • Retailer Commission on Referrals

    We recognize we are an online retailer and customers will, on occasion, purchase artwork directly from us after being referred by our brick & mortar partners. Whenever we are made aware of this connection, we offer our stores the following referral commissions:

      +Ready-to-ship originals: 20%
      +Commissions: 20%-30%
      +Unframed prints: 40%
      +Framed prints: 20%
      +Canvas prints: 30%

    Referral commissions will be issued via check N10 or credit memo, retailer's choice.

  • Ordering - Get Started

    First, verify we do not have a stockist in your area. Interested in paper prints only? Great; visit Faire to get started with your first wholesale order! Wish to chat about the canvas prints, originals, or a more in-depth retail partnership? Complete the application above with a quick introduction and we'll be in touch.