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About Dolan Geiman

Based in Denver, Colorado, Dolan Geiman is a contemporary collage artist specializing in the reuse of found materials and objects, including vintage paper, reclaimed wood, and salvaged metal. He carefully curates, cuts, and combines these diverse collage materials with other artistic techniques including painting, screenprinting, and sculpture to create original modern artworks — including paper collages, metal wall art sculptures, faux taxidermy, 3D sculptures, and more. Dolan Geiman’s original mixed media art collages are highly textured and intricately detailed, inspired by the great outdoors, the flora and fauna of the natural world, the rich history of the United States, and the influence of classic collage artists that came before. Explore his online shop for ready-to-ship originals, paper prints, canvas prints, and gift cards. Learn more via this Q&A with the artist.