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Thank you for shopping with Dolan Geiman. If your question has not been addressed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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+Website/Add to Cart
Our website is continuously updated with the latest original artworks and prints. Works with an Add to Cart function may be purchased and paid for online.

If your order is a gift, please let us know during checkout, and we will not include a receipt. If you would like a gift message included, please type a short note in the comments and we’ll hand write it on a card for you

+Website/Inquire Only
Participating in over 15 art fairs each year, our inventory of available originals changes rapidly. Works with an "Inquire" button are part of ongoing collections and may be in stock or, if not, are available by commission. Please complete the Product Inquiry form to start a discussion.  
If you’re interested in a piece you don’t find on our website, please contact us.
+Telephone or email
We're happy to personally assist with orders via telephone 303.736.2437 or email
+Art Fairs
Check our Art Fair Schedule to see if we’ll be traveling to your neck of the woods.
Studio visits are available by appointment, but please know our studio is not a retail location. Due to our art fair schedule, we can only accommodate studio visits on a limited basis and only to view original artwork(s). If you’d like to view a work in person prior to purchase, please contact us to schedule an appointment and include the title(s) of the work(s) of interest. In between our art fairs, all artwork is stored in bubble and/or carton, but we’d be happy to unwrap and hang a few selections in preparation for a studio visit with notice.
Interior designers and art consultants receive discounted pricing through our trade program. Please complete the Trade Application to learn more about trade pricing.
Click here to learn more about payment options.
All purchases from Dolan Geiman Inc. (“Artist” “we” or “our”)  are subject to the following terms.  Remitting payment to Artist to purchase Artwork (defined below) constitutes  your (“Purchaser”) unconditional acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Definition of Artworks: Artworks means works of art designed, developed, crafted, and/or manufactured by or for Artist and made available for sale.
Ordering Artwork
Orders: Purchasers  may place orders for Artwork in the ways listed in the How To Purchase Artwork section above.  Generally, orders may be placed online, via email, or by telephone. 

International Orders: Orders for Artwork greater than $550.00 requiring shipping to addresses outside of the U.S. must be placed via email. Please send a message to with the following: a link to the Artwork(s) of interest, as well as the Purchaser’s shipping address, contact telephone number, and email address to permit Artist to send Purchaser a PayPal invoice. 

Time Sensitive Orders: All rush orders must be submitted to Artist via telephone or email.  Although not guaranteed, we will do our best to prepare and ship the Artwork to meet your deadline. Rush fees and/or expedited shipping charges may apply.

Invoices for Orders:  Upon placing an order to purchase Artwork and depending on the type of order, Purchaser will receive an online order confirmation, invoice, or commission overview itemizing the Artwork ordered.

Payment for Artwork
Payment: Payment in full by Purchaser to Artist is required prior to shipment of the Artwork from Artist to Purchaser. Orders for Artwork placed online are paid in full upon checkout. For orders of Artwork placed via telephone or email, Artist will deliver an invoice to Purchaser setting forth Purchaser’s payment obligations. If the invoice is unpaid within seven (7) days of Artist’s delivery to Purchaser, Artist reserves the right to cancel the order. Title to the Artworks, excluding the copyright, and the right to full ownership and possession will pass from Artist to Purchaser only upon Artist’s receipt of full payment for the Artwork.

For reorders of Artwork placed by trade partners or orders of Artwork agreed in writing by Artist to ship prior to receipt of payment, payment is due within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. In the event Purchaser’s invoice is not paid by Purchaser within thirty (30) calendar days from the date Artist furnishes the invoice to Purchaser, Purchaser shall pay a late payment fee on the unpaid amount at the rate of 1-1/2% per month on any outstanding sums from the due date thereof until date of payment. Purchaser shall also pay all collection costs on any delinquent amounts including, but not limited to, any and all court costs and attorneys' fees. Though the Artwork may be in the possession of the Purchaser, title to the Artwork, excluding the copyright, and the right to full ownership does not pass from Artist to Purchaser until Artist receives full payment for the Artwork.

Sales Tax: Dolan Geiman collects sales tax on purchases made by Purchasers located in Colorado, which are subject to a 4.0% state + special district sales tax and Purchasers located in Texas, which are subject to an 6.25% state sales tax. Purchasers residing in Englewood, Colorado or those purchasing artwork directly from our studio are subject to 7.75% sales tax.

Shipping Artwork
Shipping Address: All shipments require a physical address (non-Post Office Box).

Shipping Time: Shipping times vary depending on the type of Artwork as well as our travel schedule. For an estimated ship date prior to purchase, please contact us. When Artist is not traveling for art fairs and upon Purchaser’s payment in full of the cost of the Artwork, Artwork may be ready to ship to Purchaser as follows:
1-3 business days: unframed prints and in-stock originals;
2-3 weeks: framed prints;
3-4 weeks: smaller made-to-order originals under $5000; 
up to 6-8 weeks: larger made-to-order originals over $5000.

Shipping Carriers and Packaging:  Domestic orders either ship via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Home Delivery. International orders either ship via USPS First Class International or USPS Priority Mail International. The carrier is determined after an order is placed and depends on the packed dimensions and delivery address. Artwork which exceeds the maximum dimensions for FedEx Ground are crated and shipped via motor freight through Craters and Freighters with white glove inside delivery service.  See the $99 Flat Rate Shipping Exception below for more details
Shipping Fees:
Retail, domestic artwork orders are subject to price-based, flat-rate shipping:
$0- $129.99       $7.50
$130-$348.99 $10.00
$349-$499.99 $15.00
$500-$999.00 $25.00
$1000 and up $99.00* (see exception below)

Retail, international artwork orders are subject to price-based, flat-rate shipping:
$0- $99.99       $15.00
$100-$250.99 $25.00
$251-$550      $50.00

Orders for Artwork greater than $550.00 requiring shipping to addresses outside of the U.S. must be placed via email. Please send a message to 
*$99 Flat Rate Shipping Exception: Artwork with packed dimensions exceeding FedEx Ground’s size limitations is not eligible for $99 flat-rate shipping. Such Artwork requires crating and shipping via motor freight and is identified via the appearance of a Freight tab on the Artwork's product page:
Freight required. Additional shipping charges will apply after checkout.

Trade Shipping: The Shipping Fees set forth above do not apply to orders placed by trade professionals. Please send an email to to request trade pricing and shipping charges for desired Artwork.

Additional Shipping Charges
: The Shipping Fees set forth above, excluding the orders requiring crating and shipping via motor freight, include all packing, handling, shipping, and insurance charges in connection with the shipping of the Artwork. Inside delivery and installation are not included as part of Artist’s standard shipping procedure and are the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. 
Delivery: Unless expressly requested by Purchaser, all packages ship without signature requirement via FedEx. It is at the FedEx driver’s sole discretion whether to leave a package at the location designated by Purchaser. In the event a FedEx employee elects not to leave the Artwork at the location designated by Purchaser, Purchaser is responsible for contacting FedEx to further discuss re-delivery and/or Purchaser’s pick-up options. Purchaser is responsible for any and all charges resulting from a package being returned due to non-delivery or re-routed to a different shipping address.

Returns: Due to the unique nature of our business, all sales are final and Artwork may not be returned or exchanged under any circumstances. The one exception is if a Purchaser receives Artwork as a gift. In this case, the Artwork may be exchanged for another Artwork of equal value or of greater value with payment of the difference in value. Under no circumstances, though, may the Artwork be exchanged for another Artwork of lesser value to receive a cash refund on the difference.   Please contact us to discuss an exchange of a gift prior to return shipment. We will need the original purchaser’s name and purchase details to verify the Artwork purchase as a gift against our records. Purchasers are responsible for return shipping charges. 
Damage:  Artist assumes responsibility for all risk of damage or loss during transit by delivery carrier, it being understood that Artist's sole liability for loss of the Artworks shall be an amount equal to amounts paid by Purchaser to the Artist at the time of loss. Upon receipt of an order, Purchaser should carefully inspect the Artwork. Purchaser shall furnish Artist with written notice and reasonable evidence of any claimed defect in the Artworks, whether arising from damage during transit or otherwise, promptly upon delivery and in any event no later than two (2) calendar days after delivery. In the event that such notice is not received, Artist shall have no liability for such claimed deficiencies and all risk of loss or damage to Artworks shall transfer to Purchaser. In the event of a return for defect or damage, the return must be pre-authorized by Artist and Artist will send further instructions to Purchaser with the authorization. Please keep all original packing materials for return shipment of the Artwork.

Intellectual Property & Ownership
Intellectual Property Artist Rights: Artist retains all intellectual property, design, and moral rights to all of the Artwork, all preparatory drawings, sketches, studies or models of the Artwork, including without limitation the copyright. Specifically name, likeness, signature, preparatory drawings, sketches, photos, digital mock ups, mood boards, designs and photographic or facsimile images of the Artwork, and the Artwork, and all copyrights, trademarks, service marks, logos and other images related to Artist or the Artwork, and any derivative of the same, and any right to commercially exploit the same shall be the exclusive property of Artist. Artist may apply to register any mark or copyright which depicts, is derived from, represents, duplicates or is related to Artist or the Artwork, in any country, state, or province. In addition, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Artist reserves the right to use images of the Artwork in a portfolio of works, digital or print, or in displays or other showings of works without limitation or compensation of any kind.
Transfer or Destruction of the Artworks: Purchaser may move, sell, transfer or destroy the Artwork, in its sole discretion; provided, however, that prior to any intentional destruction of the Artwork, Purchaser shall notify Artist no later than fifteen (15) days prior to such destruction, and Artist shall have the right to retrieve the Artwork (and take title) at its own cost.

Limited License to Purchaser: Artist hereby grants to Purchaser a non-exclusive, perpetual, and royalty-free license to (i) physically, publicly display the Artwork purchased by Purchaser (i.e. not on the Internet) and (ii) to take photographs or video of the Artwork purchased by Purchaser for solely personal use. Any other reproduction of the Artwork or images of the Artwork in any form requires the written approval of Artist and may be subject to citation requirements and/or royalty fees. Purchaser may not obstruct or limit Artist's rights to reproduce the Artwork in any way whatsoever.

Privacy: Unless notice is submitted in writing to Artist otherwise, Purchaser gives Artist permission to use the Purchaser's name as well as any pictures or photographs of the Artwork before, during, or after installation of the Artwork, in all forms and media now known or hereafter created and in all manners, including but not limited to exhibition, display, advertising, trade and editorial uses, without violation of the Purchaser's rights of privacy or any other personal or proprietary rights the Purchaser may possess in connection with production and sale of the Artwork.

Indemnification: Purchaser shall defend, indemnify and hold Artist harmless from and against any and all damages, costs, judgments, penalties and expenses of any kind, including reasonable outside legal fees and disbursements resulting from any third party claim (collectively “Losses”), that may arise out of or result from the breach of this Agreement, or the acts or omissions of Purchaser or its employees or agents.
Governing Law: This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois.  The venue for any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement or breach thereof, shall be the appropriate state and federal courts located in Chicago, Illinois.  Accordingly, Purchaser and Artist each submit to the jurisdiction of such courts. In the event any provision of this Agreement shall be held invalid or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, such holding shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions hereof. 
Heirs and Assigns: This Agreement is binding upon the parties hereto, their heirs, successors, assigns and personal representatives, and references to the Artist and the Purchaser include their heirs, successors, assigns and personal representatives.

No Partnership: Nothing herein contained shall constitute a partnership or a joint venture between Artist and Purchaser.  Neither Artist nor Purchaser hereto shall hold itself out contrary to the terms of this paragraph, and neither Artist nor Purchaser shall become liable for any representation, act or omission of the other contrary to the provisions hereof.