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Size & Details

When an iconic brand asks you to collaborate on a collection for spring, you say yes. The First Family of Western Couture at Double D Ranch approached Dolan in 2022 with aspirations of creating a spring collection centered around one of his Vaquera heroines. What blossomed from this unique collaboration of fashion design mavericks and an assemblage artist with a flair for all things a-flourishing was Desert Desperados, a line of apparel in bold jewel tones and rich characters with strong southwestern vibes with a bit of whimsy. Throughout, the evidence of a truly unified partnership peeks through, where DG's artistic elements coalesce with DDR's design details.

Dolan began the collaboration by creating a custom paper collage Vaquera with bespoke details: you will notice the DDR slogan in her hat, a pair of Oscar Betz earrings in her ears and nods to the great state of Texas interspersed throughout the papers used in her creation.

Dolan's Protector Owl, Cactus Country and signature hummingbird also make appearances throughout the line, surrounded by cacti, bright desert florals and a nod to the mysteries and stories of this special part of the country.

Did you know? Dolan's sister, Brecken Geiman, also designed a line of mixed media jewelry for the Desert Desperados collection.