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STONEWALL ELK original paper collage


STONEWALL ELK original paper collage

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Original paper collage features an elk family -- a bull, doe and calf -- with aspen tree grove and mountains in distance. All stones in the wall are constructed individually with hand-cut paper; only the background is painted. Finished with wood frame and Museum Plexi.

Prints available upon request.

  • Medium: vintage papers on wood with acrylic painting
  • Size: 39-7/8" H x 70-3/8" W (framed)
  • Frame: hand-assembled weathered brown wood frame with Museum Plexi
  • Hardware: ready to hang with D-ring hangers

The Process

I stood in the forest and closed my eyes to see a family of elk drifting through the aspen glades and pausing for a moment at some forgotten stone wall. This is usually where the idea starts: when I am on a hike or some snowy adventure or standing waist-deep in a river. Once I get the vision in my head, I trap it there and then try to transfer it to paper as quickly as possible. When I came across the remnants of a moss-covered stone wall next to a picturesque brook at the edge of a farm field, I wondered: how many animals have crossed this way? How many animals have paused here, just like I’m pausing, to study the forest around? Back at my studio desk, I penciled out an answer to those questions in the form of aspens and elk. Once the image was sketched, I gathered up handfuls of brushes and cups of paint and began adding the rest of the ingredients.

Learn more about the collage process.

Understanding Limited Series

Each work in Dolan Geiman’s portfolio is unique and hand-crafted. Some are one-of-a-kind pieces while others are reiterations of a recurring theme, denoted as Limited Series throughout the site.

Each piece in a Limited Series is created with a inimitable collection of found materials so that no two are exactly alike. Iterations will vary slightly in color, pattern, typography and frame; each is crafted in a limited quantity and without a predetermined edition numbering.