18 Original Collages for a Children's Hospital in Boston

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Size & Details

Size & Details

In the Spring of 2021, a world-renowned children's hospital in Boston commissioned a collection of 18 original paper collages by Dolan Geiman to adorn the hallways of its new wing. Each work celebrates a different aspect of “our colorful world”, corresponding with the theme of each of the wing’s six floors.

The paper collages were created in triptychs (sets of three), showcasing vibrant animal characters who make their homes amongst the oceans, coast lines, and forest floors of Planet Earth, as well as celebrations of the creatures of the sky and exploration of planetary bodies in outer space.

The robust art program at this hospital serves to create a soothing, uplifting environment for patients, their families and hospital staff. Dolan Geiman is honored to be a showcased artist at the children's hospital and to contribute to a hospital system providing top-tier care to kids and families. Project art consultant: TurningArt.