RIVERWATCHER original mixed media wall art

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Mixed media Kingfisher bird sculpture housed inside an antique wooden box. The kingfisher is fashioned from vintage baseballs, boot leather, reclaimed TV trays, book covers and other hidden treasures.

  • Medium: hand-cut salvaged metal, wood, leather and vintage box and materials
  • Size: 31.25" H x 22.25" W x 6.25" D
  • Hardware: ready to hang with cleat on back
  • Part of a limited series each produced with a unique set of rescued materials


He slipped into a daydream filled with dancing fish and the sound of the breathing plants. - Dolan Geiman

Under the water the world looked like a mirror smashed into ten thousand smaller mirrors. His bill touched the tail of the small fish and he realized he had missed his quarry. Flapping his wings underwater he turned skyward and carried himself back through the surface film, bursting up into the air and finding a more suitable perch from which to survey the river. A dozen finger-sized minnows moved about at the river's edge. He watched them and wondered what they were chasing, what they were eating, why they were moving in such a way. He was entranced and intoxicated by the underwater ballet of their movement and so he sat on his perch, feeling the morning breeze that nudged the riverthrush and the cattails, and he slipped into a daydream filled with dancing fish and the sound of the breathing plants.



My workshop is chock full of found treasures from adventures across the country. I select a palette of colors from many mixed materials and get to work, snipping and shaping and applying in careful layers until the perfect piece emerges.

Limited Series

Limited Series

Each work in Dolan Geiman’s portfolio is unique and hand-crafted. Works indicated with “limited series” are reiterations of a recurring theme or concept.

A Certificate of Authenticity is available upon request.

  • Each piece in a limited series is created with an inimitable collection of found materials: no two are exactly alike, although they may look similar at a glance.
  • Details, colors, specific materials, typography and frame will differ from work to work.

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Dolan Geiman Mixed Media

Not one to be constrained by any one artistic medium, Dolan uses a variety of found materials and techniques to create his mixed media wall art, including assemblage, painting, and screenprinting.