CUSTOM HORSE original 3D sculpture

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Size & Details

Size & Details

A custom, three-dimensional horse sculpture commission for an Oklahoma ranch, celebrating the family's favorite, including his unique brands and especially resplendent tail. Constructed from hand-cut salvaged metal, found objects and rescued materials, including cowboy boots, license plates and fence finials.

  • Medium: hand-cut salvaged metal, found objects and rescued materials around hand-welded armature
  • Size: 41" H x 63.75" W x 17" D
  • Residential Commission


The ultimate in commemoration, this quarter-scale
quarter horse sculpture was created for an Oklahoma client to memorialize his favorite four-legged family member on their sprawling ranch. The client provided ample photos of the horse and specified the important defining characteristics he desired to see in the finished piece, from the unusually resplendent tail to the unique set of brands, all of which Dolan captured in detail using reclaimed materials and found objects.

To create the perfect equine shape, Dolan assembled an armature of welded metal and wood plates, onto which he layered hand-cut salvaged metal and a variety of thoughtful nod; throughout the piece, one can find nods to the client’s home (license plates), ranching business (farm tools and horseshoes), and other cherished pastimes
(baseball gloves and cowboy boot leather).

CUSTOM HORSE original 3D sculpture

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