CUSTOM GUNSLINGER original metal wall sculpture

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Large-scale tactile wall sculpture of a gunslinger western cowboy with the sun setting over the distant mesas, created from hand-cut rustic salvaged metal and bullet shell casings. This piece was created for a commission client for a Denver home, custom fit to the wall on which it is installed.

  • Medium: salvaged metal on wood
  • Size: 96.25" H x 147.75" W
  • Hardware: ready to hang with wire on back
  • Residential commission


The largest metal wall sculpture Dolan has made to
date, this piece was crafted specifically for this wall using thousands of pieces of hand-cut metal applied to wood. In creating this 2D work, Dolan sought to capture the stillness and intensity of a standoff, all set against a sunset sky over the mesa. Look closely at the images to see how distinct pieces of metal form everything from cheekbones to fingernails, and, if you can spot it, how the piece was artfully designed to disguise an air vent into the shirt
detail. This gunslinger watches intently over the TV room of a Denver home, his shell casing-encrusted shotgun at the ready.


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