CUSTOM GREAT PLAINS (MOOSE) original faux taxidermy sculpture

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Size & Details

Size & Details

A commission for a Colorado mountain residence, this moose faux taxidermy sculpture was created by layering hundreds of individual pieces of handcut metal over a wooden form. The artist pulled special materials from his vast collection to bring together the spirit of the wilderness, elements unique to Colorado, and special requests from the client in bright tones to craft something truly unique and full of character. 

The first antlers of their kind, this piece features an artistic exploration of metal collage to create a 2D-meets-3D tactile experience of the moose’s stately headpiece. Dolan cut salvaged, screen printed metal to size and laid it into a handmade metal form. The moose's dewlap incorporates a wealth of found materials woven within the leather and metal.  

This piece resides on a stone fireplace overlooking the vast mountain scape of the Rocky Mountains, promising a watchful eye over the clients’ special home for decades to come.

  • Medium: salvaged metal, found objects, and reclaimed leather
  • Size: 54.25” H x 57.5” W x 39.5” D
  • Residential commission


No single Dolan Geiman piece is ever identical to another, due to the irreplicable nature of the unique found materials used in their creation. In constructing this piece for a Colorado residential client, Dolan worked in close concert with the
family to learn about their shared hobbies, interests, and family stories, then selected materials to celebrate them – in a color palette to complement their vacation home. Truly, the process of putting together materials for a large work like this is like an intricate puzzle, one Dolan very much enjoyssolving.

Throughout the sculpture, you will find nods to sports, industry, agriculture, the mountains,
and the clients’ favorite states, as well as other found relics of modern life, plucked from streams, fields, and abandoned spaces around Colorado and given new life this in this one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

CUSTOM GREAT PLAINS (MOOSE) original faux taxidermy sculpture

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