JOAN OF ARC original 3D sculpture

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Three dimensional mixed media sculpture of the Patron Saint of France. Joan of Arc is fashioned from a unique set of reclaimed and rescued materials including metal, wood, faux fur and more. Mounted on a turntable on a stationery base to bring to life the narrative of her exceptional story.

  • Medium: mixed media assemblage wood, metal, & leather
  • Size: 32" H x 19.5" W x 18.25" D


Fashioned from a plethora of found materials, gathered and meticulously sorted at my Denver studio, this 3D sculpture comes to life with a little of the unexpected magic that I love to create from the found, the discarded and the repurposed. For more, see this video on Instagram, where I sort through my collection of materials to find the perfect elements for this Saint sculpture and the other sculptures in the 2021 Holiday Showcase.


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Dolan Geiman's 3D Sculptures Collection showcases modern found-object sculptural art pieces crafted with reclaimed and salvaged materials. Pieces in this western-inspired home decor portfolio include carved wood sculptures with salvaged metal and leather detailing using contemporary collage art techniques. They may be designed to be freestanding, hung on a wall, displayed on a table, or even function as furniture.