LATE FOR DINNER (HUNTING) original metal wall sculpture

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Inspired by the past work Late For Dinner, this custom iteration is a gift from mother to son and plays tribute to some of his hobbies and his beloved green bronco. A dapper gent makes his way home after a long day of hunting in the desert under a starlit sky. This mixed media creation includes a hand-painted backdrop with figure and flora constructed in metal.

  • Medium: salvaged metal and acrylic on wood
  • Size: 50" H x 36.5" W x 2.75" D (framed)
  • Frame: metallic-silver wood float frame
  • Residential commission


Late for Dinner (Hunting) blends painting, ink transfer, printmaking, and lots of hand-cut metal to capture a tribute from a mother to her son. In addition to the personalized narrative detail woven within the materials, the artwork was created to complement a specific color palette. Multiple room views were shared by the client to ensure the artwork coordinated with the interior tones. Progress photos like this verified the paint colors were on track with the interior.


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