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CUSTOM HERON original metal wall sculpture


CUSTOM HERON original metal wall sculpture

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An original heron and dragonfly wall sculpture constructed from hand-cut tin, leather and other rescued materials on wood backing. Mixed media commission for modern Miami residence.

  • Medium: salvaged metal and rescued materials on wood with metal edging (see profile view)
  • Size: 49.5" H x 40" W x 3" D
  • Hardware: ready to hang with wire on back
  • Residential commmission

The Process

Though fishing solo can be an isolating activity, I have come to learn I am never as alone as I feel at first - my world, it seems, opens up to welcome new friends. So often, I've stood on a bank, patiently waiting a fish visitor to my line, basking in the silence and serenity of my wild surrounds... only to discover I am very much in the company of the water's most vigilant companion, the stealthy and graceful heron, standing oh so still, not too far away. Although we use different tools to accomplish our fish-finding mission, he and I are here with the same goal in mind. I channel his patience. His calming silence. His perception.

Ingredients for this hand-cut, hand-formed metal heron sculpture come from years of collecting scrap metal, ceiling tiles and discarded vessels across the country - on many a voyage that included a fishing stop like this. Starting with a hand-drawn outline on wood, I selected the brightest blues and most vivid turquoises to bring the heron to life. Hand-hewn details like the leather flowers and bullrushes were attached to bring the scene together, with handpainted details to highlight the riverbank's aliveness.