CUSTOM QUAIL original 3D sculpture

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Caught mid-flight, this faux taxidermy mixed media sculpture features two quail – one male, one female - their intricate wings spread against the wind, exposing little snippets of the found materials used to create this piece. Crafted for a newly remodeled Texas hunting cabin, this piece combines the majesty of nature with the possibilities of upcycling to add movement and intrigue to a modern-meets-rustic home.

  • Medium: mixed media assemblage wood, metal, & leather
  • Size: 48.5" H x 19" W x 15" D
  • Residential commission


A first in the Dolan Geiman faux taxidermy portfolio, this duo of quail is a classic example of the artist can take the discarded and make real magic appear. To create this vivid visual, Dolan scavenged each element, from metal cans found discarded in the Wyoming wilderness to the driftwood mount he pulled from a river’s edge on a cross-Colorado adventure. Working closely with the commissioning client, Dolan shared progress photos for feedback and approval throughout construction to ensure the piece fit the client’s specifications exactly. This piece now resides in a beautiful Texas home where the outdoors – and outdoorsmen – are celebrated. No quail were harmed in the making of this unique piece, and this sculpture will be shared with family and visitors alike for years to come.