CUSTOM OWL FAMILY original metal wall sculpture

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Custom original metal wall sculpture features a family of various owls against a background of indigo-hued mountains. Crafted from hand-cut salvaged metal affixed to wood.

  • Medium: salvaged metal on wood
  • Size: 62" H x 119" W
  • Hardware: ready to hang with cleat on back
  • Part of a limited series each produced with a unique set of rescued materials


Each family member is represented as a distinct bird.

Spanning over ten feet wide, this custom owl family
sculpture was constructed from hand-cut, reclaimed metal layered on wood. All different species, including Great Horned, Barn and Screech owls, the members of a special repeat-collector family is represented here as a distinct bird, each with their own character and charm. The concept began with the clients referencing past Dolan Geimansculptures (like this owl piece, Wayfaring Wings) and requesting a custom set be created to suit a specific wall in their living space. Dolan presented a series of options and configurations, and the clients were delighted to proceed with this Colorado-inspired version with a mountain backdrop and quirky clouds crafted from sheet-music-treated wood panels. Surely a family heirloom to be passed down, this unique work offers a glimpse into the craftsmanship behind Dolan’s
signature sculptural style and a peek into the story of this beautiful family.



My workshop is chock full of found treasures from adventures across the country. I select a palette of colors from many mixed materials and get to work, snipping and shaping and applying in careful layers until the perfect piece emerges.


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Dolan Geiman Metal Wall Sculpture

Contemporary assemblage mixed media artist Dolan Geiman uses intricately cut salvaged metal to create a different type of found object artwork in upcycled materials. These original artworks hang as highly tactile metal wall sculptures, echoing some of Dolan's other artworks available in paper collage. Bold in color and rich in detail, discover some of the atypical materials given new life for these metal creations, like car doors, kitchen utensils, oil cans and antique farming equipment.