CUSTOM MUSICIANS original paper collage

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Original paper collage commission for a residence in Ohio. A fan of past works like Country Music Done Changed and Western Songbird, the client requested these characters be re-imagined on the stage playing together in a duo.  The result: this mixed media rendition with the two country western stars playing to a full crowd under the spotlight.

  • Medium: vintage papers and acrylic on wood
  • Size: 50" H x 40" W (framed)
  • Frame: modern walnut frame and Museum Plexi
  • Residential commission


Commissioning a custom work offers each client a fun opportunity to reimagine some of their favorite characters in Dolan's portfolio in new settings. Identifying 1 or 2 of past work favorites, a new story takes shape which resonates with the client and often highlights and reflects a personal detail in their own life. Details may be subtle to the outside observer, the trumpet on the rock organ in this case, but for the friend or family member viewing, the connection is instant.

Throughout the process, we send progress photos (like this) allowing the client a special glimpse and approval privileges as the artwork comes together.


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Dolan Geiman Paper Collages

Dolan's signature paper collage artwork celebrates America's West and Southwest. Color, composition, and detail come to life in hand-cut vintage materials, many salvaged in Dolan's cross-country travels.

Creating the original collage starts with a wood panel. Dolan pulls vintage sheet music from his vast collection and applies these to the wood, first with glue, then with a top layer of whitewash paint. In many prints, this background layer of sheet music peeks through.

Next, Dolan draws the outline for the original collage in graphite atop the sheet music.

Dolan returns to his extensive trove of collected papers – think magazines, antique textbooks, handwritten letters salvaged from abandoned farmsteads - and begins pulling the ideal colors for the piece. He cuts each piece of material by hand and carefully layers into the artwork. These collages are carefully crafted from thousands of small papers: no two are exactly alike.

Dolan's paper collages are finished in a handmade frame constructed from salvaged metal or a modern, minimal wood or metal frame.