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BLACKBUD BISHOP #1: CryptoMuun Collection (Animated NFT)

thumbnail for BLACKBUD BISHOP #1: CryptoMuun Collection (Animated NFT)
thumbnail for BLACKBUD BISHOP #1: CryptoMuun Collection (Animated NFT)

BLACKBUD BISHOP #1: CryptoMuun Collection (Animated NFT)

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Original Dolan Geiman animated NFT of the Blackbud Bishop wearing a bandana, western hat with snake detail and tiger-patterned shirt. This NFT brings a unique contemporary western flavor to the digital collectible arena. The Blackbud Bishop represents 1 of 32 collectible characters modeled after the pieces on a chess board. Original NFT purchase accompanied by unique physical study signed by the artist.

MYTHOLOGY:The voice of lovers and travelers ancient, trapped in his dark bandana, fade in and out. His golden crucifix earrings sparkle in the night. His blinking eyes suggest his boredom with mankind, but his third eye awakens to offer some peace to passersby. His shirt smells of a western apothecary, his hat sparkles with some gilded snake-symbol peeled from the gravestone of a cattle-driven cowboy. Is he the ancient gaucho priest, or some restless shipwrecked soul?

POWER: When you own this Bishop, you harness the power to see through your rivals. You harness the power of a leader, undefeated in debates. You harness the power to wipe clean the blackened slate and rewrite your own history. You harness the power to unlock the comets, and thereby possess the power found in rare moments.

COLLECTIVE POWER:When you own all CryptoMuun Bishops, you are able to start your own church of the Muun. Here you are able to wash black resin from souls and you are able to grow a self-sustaining third eye that never fades.

What's a NFT? -- Read our Guide

The minting of this NFT will be accompanied by purchase of a 1 metric tonne carbon offset through Dolan Geiman is a Carbonfree® Partner Small Business Program. We continue to educate ourselves on innovative ways NFTs can become more eco-conscious and exploring the narrative around crypto's ecological footprint.

The Process

Inspiration for my CryptoMuun NFT Collection comes from such myriad sources as ancient Egypt, iconic figures (human and otherwise) of the American West, and mythology. It’s a culmination of a lot of the other work that I create, but creating these characters in digital form gives me the opportunity to do something completely new to me. And what makes it new? Aside from the fact that these artworks will be digital, most of the NFTs are also animated! The animations will be fairly subtle but these are things I cannot do in the physical art world, and so the world of NFTs is affording me an exciting opportunity to venture into new creative territory.