CHERRY TREE original mixed media wall art

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Cherry Tree is an original mixed media art piece featuring a trio of birds composed of book covers, rescued wood, nails + other industrial relics perched in (cherry) tree branches. Earthy/neutral color palette.

  • Medium: acrylic, vintage book covers, salvaged wood and found materials
  • Size: 29" H x 56" W x 2.25" D
  • Hand-built reclaimed wood frame painted black; routed lines in frame visible when viewing profile (see example)
  • Part of a limited series each produced with a unique set of rescued materials
  • As seen on Anthropologie


An original from the first series of silhouette mixed media works.

The Cherry Tree is the meeting place for our distinct personalities, each of which has its own handful of ingredients. The bird on the left is composed of screws, nails, and bits of tools garnered from abandoned warehouses and factories throughout the US. The top right bird has pieces from vintage book covers, as well as old cigar box lids, and the bottom bird is composed of strips of reclaimed wood. The birds are resting on the limbs of the Cherry Tree and, as you look upon the branches in more detail, you notice the text that composes the pattern of the bark. This text is a composite poem of random roadside musings. As I drive from city to city late at night, I keep a notepad in by my side to record the ramblings of southern preachers and midnight talk show hosts. We are all made of raw elements such as these and this piece attempts to shed light on the beauty in our different personalities.

Limited Series

Limited Series

Each work in Dolan Geiman’s portfolio is unique and hand-crafted. Works indicated with “limited series” are reiterations of a recurring theme or concept.

A Certificate of Authenticity is available upon request.

  • Each piece in a limited series is created with an inimitable collection of found materials: no two are exactly alike, although they may look similar at a glance.
  • Details, colors, specific materials, typography and frame will differ from work to work.

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Dolan Geiman Mixed Media

Not one to be constrained by any one artistic medium, Dolan uses a variety of found materials and techniques to create his mixed media wall art, including assemblage, painting, and screenprinting.