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thumbnail for TROPHY FISH (BLUEGILL) original mixed media wall sculpture
thumbnail for TROPHY FISH (BLUEGILL) original mixed media wall sculpture


TROPHY FISH (BLUEGILL) original mixed media wall sculpture

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Size & Details

Size & Details

An original bluegill wall sculpture constructed from hand-cut tin and other rescued materials on wood backing. Ready to hang on wall with wire on back. Requests for custom fish welcome. View all fishing-related artwork.

  • Medium: salvaged metal and rescued materials on wood with metal edging
  • Size: Female 11.25" H x 19.25" W x 1.25" D | Male 14" H x 21" W x 1.25" D
  • Hardware: ready to hang with wire on back
  • Part of a limited series each produced with a unique set of rescued materials


This spunky little fellow is the result of combining scraps of many disparate items into one intriguing little being. Ingredients for this custom fish include:

  • +Folding mason’s ruler acquired scavenging in a neglected brickyard
  • +Large nut as eye removed from John Deere plow
  • +White beer can found in the lining of a vintage US Navy steamer trunk
  • +Mountain Ranger 1942 token
  • +Russian book cover
  • +Large upholstery tack pried from an easy chair
  • +Green yardstick from abandoned corner store
I go about my travels on the hunt for the reclaimable, the surprising and the delightful. I have encountered many a bluegill on my exploits into the wilderness to fish: they are captivating and I thought quite worthy of reinterpreting in a found medium.

Limited Series

Limited Series

Each work in Dolan Geiman’s portfolio is unique and hand-crafted. Works indicated with “limited series” are reiterations of a recurring theme or concept.

A Certificate of Authenticity is available upon request.

  • Each piece in a limited series is created with an inimitable collection of found materials: no two are exactly alike, although they may look similar at a glance.
  • Details, colors, specific materials, typography and frame will differ from work to work.