Wild Rags with Fringe Scarves

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Fringe Scarves, led and creatively driven by the incomparable Jodi Hendrickson, is known for their inventive pattern-making and luxurious silk scarves, or, as they call them in Texas, wild rags. In 2022, Dolan had the privilege of collaborating with Jodi to design a line of unique, art-forward scarves featuring some of his most iconic pieces.

In addition to the primary image you see on each wearable masterpiece, you'll notice elements pulled from other Dolan Geiman collages interwoven into backgrounds and borders, making for a color and texture buffet for the eyes, perfect for any outfit that needs a touch of southwest and a touch of artistic flair.

Coming in 2023: a second line of Fringe Scarves x Dolan Geiman featuring new artworks in bold colors.