POET OF THE POND original mixed media wall art


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Size & Details

Size & Details

Join the heron's dance at the water's edge. This large-scale contemporary mixed media artwork featuring the Great Blue Heron and his cohorts combines techniques in sculpture, sketching, drawing, painting and paper collage. The characters parading in the bayou's shallow water are each rendered on wood, painted and collaged, then applied in relief on wood panel. Look closely at the butterflies, beetles and throughout the heron's paper feathers to find tiny hidden treasures, a classic element of Dolan’s detailed collage style. Head over to IG @dolangeiman for the full journey of this piece over the winter months. Or shop other heron & coastal inspired creations here.

  • Medium: vintage paper and acrylic on wood
  • Size: 50.75" H x 66.75" W x 2.25" D (framed)
  • Frame: contemporary walnut wood frame and Museum Plexi
  • Hardware: ready to hang with D-ring hangers on back
  • One of a kind


Twenty seven days she stood like a ballerina; poised, firm footed in the clay-marbled mud, seeing only her reflection in the green grey water, watching as clouds creeped by sprinkling rain that dappled the waters surface like invisible stitches sewing the days together. She waited. The bees hurled themselves by in the spring heat. The dragonflies dipped their bodies against the water and waved their wings to her. The beetles barked their clicking voices in the dewy pond reeds, casting their calls along the water’s edge, picking up small bits of flotsam like black caped washer-women collecting laundry, tedious but disheveled. She lifted her head to the sun, opened, then closed, then opened her eye, composed a poem she called The Way, wherein she described the various faint and tender sounds surrounding her, namely the rhythmic beating of the small insect wings and the spiderweb-silent descent of a feather alighting on the milky glass surface of the pond, and in the final lines she wrote: Perhaps there is no more that I need to know.



A true celebration of the natural world and Dolan's favorite techniques, this mixed media piece combines sketching, found object sculpture, wood working, painting and paper collage. Each element was cut by hand and applied in relief to a wood panel, creating a textural, 3D rendering of the thriving ecosystem of the bayou.


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Dolan Geiman Mixed Media

Not one to be constrained by any one artistic medium, Dolan uses a variety of found materials and techniques to create his mixed media wall art, including assemblage, painting, and screenprinting.