'No Trails Needed' Dolan Geiman x Jenni Earle Bandana

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Size & Details

Size & Details

Like any great symbol, a Jenni Earle bandana calls us to action: to believe, to create, to press on when things are tough. It has been a joy to collaborate with Jenni: I am constantly inspired by what these wearable works of art represent – strength, tenacity, the power of family, the limitlessness of self-learning. I find incredible value in a thoughtfully handmade craft, woven through and through with a compelling story. 

The Dolan Geiman x Jenni Earle collaboration bandana is hand-dyed and printed with my favorite mantra 'No Trails Needed'. It's limited run and the first bandana Jenni has co-released with a fellow creative. The neon-on-navy design features a geometric pattern (inspired by the shapes and patterns woven in my collage papers) and my signature moth motif.

Why moths? The moth is one of those characters who gets overshadowed (no pun intended) by his more glamourous cousin, the butterfly. He does the same job, yet under the cover of darkness, and so I appreciate his modesty and ability to keep doing his art, even if no one is watching.

For the trailblazer in your orbit, grab this collector's item at jenniearle.com!

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