30 Days of Souvenirs: Day 17

I woke up feeling stiff and cold. Very cold. And I couldn't move. Where the hell was I? I couldn't remember anything about….well...anything. To say I was foggy was an understatement: my head was blank. I tried to move a bit and sat up. Suddenly my head was spinning and I felt like I would vomit on the moss and leaves that were at my side. Shit! What’s going on?!  I started to panic. A low, nervous panic which moved from somewhere low in my being and progressed up through the rest of my form.

I tried to spin around and look at my surroundings."

I was lying in large pile of giant leaves, pine needles, moss. I felt so small lying here on the ground. I recognized some of the things around me, but still had no idea how I got here. I tried to move again, but seemed permanently affixed to the ground. Every now and then I heard what sounded like thunder. Loud, booming sounds that shook the ground. And mixed in between I heard loud rattling sounds, chattering sounds. Suddenly, up from behind a large pile of leaves appeared a large, grey form. It moved towards me, darting, and swishing its giant grey tail. It ran towards me and I tried to move, to shout, to scream, but the thing had me, and I felt its small mouth close around my head and then it dropped me and was gone just as quickly as it appeared. Jesus! What the hell was that? And then the sky darkened and I heard more rumbling sounds. And then the rumbling grew closer. A larger form appeared on the horizon, its upper body a blur of crisscrossed red and green and it had a big pale face and it slowly came into focus, getting nearer and nearer. I froze, and it reached down and grabbed me and pulled me up into the sunlight and off the forest floor.

"Look sis, a spiky one! This will be perfect for the wreath!"

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