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30 Days of Souvenirs: Day 10

Once upon a time, there was a fox: She was svelte, wise, hungry, and curious. Her coat was the brightest shade of green in the world. You may not have heard of a green fox, but this was during the pre-man ages, when the four legged creatures ruled the woods and fields. This little fox had a very strict mother, who always told her to be very careful, and to never climb up into the trees for food, even if it looked like fun. Her mother was worried about her falling from the treetops. But the little fox didnt listen. She had seen beautiful grapes, high in the trees. So one day, she snuck out of her den and found a large and bold tree, and decided to climb very high. As she got to the top and spotted the grapes, a very large bat swooped by and grabbed her by the tail and carried her into the top of the tree. The little foxes mother looked for her for several days, using a spying glass that she fashioned out of a petrified dinosaurs eyeball. But she couldnt see her little fox, because all of the trees were green and her coat made her blend in and she was camouflaged. So mother fox went to find the great Tree Lizard. He was the ruler of the creatures of the trees, and he knew everything that took place there. He offered to get her daughter back, but under one condition: the daughter must trade him her beautiful green coat, for Tree Lizard wore a coat of red and could never hide when he wanted to. Momma Fox agreed, and instantly Tree Lizard turned a deep green. Go, he said, and your daughter will be there. So momma fox returned to her den, and as she looked at the large trees, she spotted a small patch of red fur. She called out to her daughter, who had been trying to find her way out of the green tree maze for days. Her daughter was soon able to make her way back down to the ground, and she returned to her mother, with a small bunch of tiny grapes in her mouth. After her mother explained why her coat was red, she promised to never return to the trees again. Maybe...

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