30 Days of Souvenirs: Day 9

When I was born a thing came and put me in a little hole. When the coast was clear I crawled out and moved upward, towards the warm light. There were waves and a multitude of sounds and the gnashing of teeth that is only heard in the proximity of great and ferocious beasts. I struggled to hold on. Soon I was swept away. After a few days the world settled and the clouds of rushing dust and debris settled. I ate something. Then I moved along in the darkness, grasping and moving very slow, cautious of danger and altogether unsure of where I was. The tumultuous uproar came again and my body was dashed-from the viscous liquid world I was just learning-onto the craggy, unforgiving rocky slopes of some new place. I couldn't breathe, and struggled to find my way back to my watery home. Suddenly I was lifted from the ground by some sharp beak and carried-up, up, up....until suddenly the beak released its grasp and down I tumbled. The collision broke some small part of my home...and frightened, I left it and climbed out, naked, into the dry planet.

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