30 Days of Souvenirs: Day 15

The classroom was abandoned. The school was deserted. The taste of mold and dampened age was floating through the air, reminding me to cover my face with my sweat-dampened bandanna. I'd been searching for this place for weeks, on a pilgrimage of sorts. I say it was a pilgrimage but what really was it...a quest? Where do you search when that thing you are looking for is invisible, absent, imaginary? You see I was looking for something very specific: A Moment in Time. Something I had had once but somehow was now gone and left only fleeting feelings behind, betraying the present and the conscious waking world; a dream that erased itself the more you tried to read it. I wanted this Moment back, and so in an attempt to reincarnate it, I searched. I ventured across fields, swam mud-stained rivers, navigated boulder strewn roadways, dug tunnels, searched alleyways....but alas, I found no trace of The Moment. Then one day, along a stretch of abandoned highway, a building rose up in the distance and beckoned to me.

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