Understanding Limited Series

In our Portfolio you will see Paper Collages, Faux Taxidermy, Metal Wall Sculptures, Mixed Media Wall Art, Silhouettes, and Paintings all cited as Limited Series. All artwork is handcrafted, but most works are created in a small series. While the COMPOSITION may be the same, each piece is created BY HAND with a unique collection of papers, metal, etc. so that no two are exactly alike in their makeup. Each iteration will vary slightly in color, pattern, typography and frame as each is created individually and no two works can use the exact same set of reclaimed materials. Each composition is a limited quantity and without a predetermined edition numbering.

On occasion, the series is limited to a large-scale and mid-scale iteration of the same composition. On most occasions, the composition is created in the same scale, in multiple as shown with the example below. One of a kind works are created on occasion, but command a higher price due to the time and resources needed to create. Please contact us if interested in discussing a one of a kind work or check current availability.

limited series iterations:

detail of paper differences in two iterations above:

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