We're Moving to Denver Colorado

It was a cold, wintry night in December 2002, just a week before Christmas, when Dolan and I met. I had been living in Chicago for four years at that point, attending undergrad at the University of Chicago. Dolan was just getting settled in, having moved to Chicago with only the belongings that could fit in his truck. Less than a week later, we united hands, put our heads down and got to work, determined to build a sustainable career with a pile of art. Chicago was the perfect place to launch this chosen path – with alternative live-work spaces, a supportive media, independent businesses like Filter coffee shop that allowed us to set up on their sidewalk and hock our wares when times were tough, and, most of all, devoted fans and collectors who have supported us through many chapters.

Over the past 13 years Chicago has been very good to us, but we've also taken a beating from the cold and the wind and the concrete. Some days it’s been downright brutal (I think many Chicagoans might share this sentiment.) When the wind whips down the avenue and hits you square in the face you invent new curse words. After surviving so many of these winters it’s made us tougher, but we’re ready for the next chapter, the next book, the next adventure.

So we’re moving west to Colorado!

Like many before us who have longed to see those western skies and those snow-capped peaks, we are continuing our journey westward in hopes of finding new friends, new adventures, and new inspiration. We’re closing down shop here in Chicago at the end of May and settling in to new digs in Denver on June 1st. By late fall/early winter the studio will be open by appointment for those of you who will be traveling through with your skis and snowboards. We will continue to travel the country for art fairs from Portland to Park City and will continue to post our art fair schedule on our website. Our first summer show will be conveniently located in our new home town: the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our journey, and we hope you’ll join us in this exciting new chapter. We'll see you soon Denver!

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