Which Artist's Work/Life Are You Most Jealous Of and Why?

I always enjoyed how Richard Brautigan drew his inspiration from the rivers and mountains of Idaho and California, and I think about how his time spent writing there must have been quite beautiful. I always admired his writing style and his ability to see through society’s labels to strip a thing down to its essence, its raw nature.

Otherwise, I don’t look at other contemporary artist’s work. I don’t like to get tainted by other ideas. I have never been an idea pirate. So many folks talk about being inspired by other artists, and that’s fine, but I take myself to a creative cave when I am struggling for ideas. I want the thoughts and ideas I have to be my own, so I meditate on a small idea and just let the idea grow and see where it takes me. I find this helps me to be true to myself, because I am pulling ideas and feelings from the core of my creative being. 

Recently I was tasked with compiling some favorite collage artists from history. You can view that round-up: My 10 Favorite Collage Artists.

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