What's Your Process Like?

When I create, I create in groups, or flocks of art. I don’t want my paintings and constructions to become lonely, so I create about five or six works at a time. Actually it’s more about the creative process than any altruistic desires for the works themselves. I have to keep a few works going at a time, so if I get stuck on one piece, I can jump to the next piece and not lose my rhythm. Rhythm is very important for me. I’ve never had a time in the past ten years when I wasn’t working on something. I can’t afford to let time get the upper hand.

For me, it’s also like running. There is such a thing as a talented runner. Some people can really run because they are naturals. For some people, their body wasn’t made for it or their mind isn’t conditioned for it. They can run and enjoy it, but they aren’t naturals. I’m not much of a runner. My brother is. He’s talented, and he’s a natural. His body was built for it. My body was built for tromping through brush piles, digging up carcasses, scavenging junk heaps, and throwing paint around. I’m suited for making stuff. My brain just works that way. If I see a rusted oilcan washed up on the beach, it inspires the heck out of me and I immediately want to examine it, explore it, collect it, photograph it, paint it, and put it in a sculpture. Every day, that’s how I think. If I had to work at that part, I’d never make it. There are other parts I work at like learning Photoshop. I hate sitting at a computer, but I realize that it’s just part of the work I do and it makes me enjoy the moments of natural creativity even more.

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