30 Days of Souvenirs: Day 12

"...But whats it made of?" The younger Stenson boy was tugging on his older brothers shirt, the duo was climbing up and over a barbed wire fence and the older boy was determind to distance himself from his magnetic partner. "Its made of swans, I toldja!" He wacked at a poke berry bush to drive home his point. The berries exploded into a pink and purple mess and the younger boy got a mouthfull of the acrid juice. "Shit man, cut it out!" He yelled as he tried to scramble over the fence, but got his jeans snagged on the rusted barbs and as he pushed forward to leap, the momentum was enough to free him from the fences grasp but not before separating him from a ten inch piece of denim that was located right by his crotch. His brother laughed, but walked over and picked the younger boy off the ground. "Moms gonna whip yer ass." "No she aint" "Yes she is, and you can't say aint, cuz aint - " "-aint a real word" he cut his older brother off, and looking down the meadow said. "Well, then show me where they get all the swans" The two boys walked down the meadow to the backside of the soap factory and as they rounded the bend, there, like porcelain statues performing pirouettes in the pond, sat a dozen swans. "Woooaah..." The younger boy breathed out a low exclamation. "Toldja.." His older brother punched him in the arm, and the two boys turned around and headed home, to patch their pants and contemplate this new discovery.

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