Charitable Giving

Since our launch in 2005, Dolan Geiman has committed cash and in-kind donations in support of organizations working to protect wildlife and its natural habit.

Giving History

Dolan Geiman's charitable giving history includes contributions to the the Nature Conservancy's Adopt an Acre Program, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Greenway Foundation, and many other grassroots organizations.

In an effort to off-set the carbon footprint created by traveling to art fairs, Dolan Geiman is also a long-time Small Business Carbonfree® Partner Program via and supports reforestation projects via this partnership.

Current Charitable Partnerships

Our Goals

Now living in Colorado, Dolan Geiman has focused this support in an effort to deepen the impact of annual charitable giving.

The goal: preserve habitat for prairie wildlife through non-profit land acquisition that enables native plant and animal communities to once again thrive here in Colorado and contribute to advocacy efforts to protect culture, sovereignty and agency of Native American peoples.

Our Partners

Southern Plains Land Trust
Dolan Geiman supports local organization Southern Plains Land Trust. SPLT is the steward of a shortgrass prairie habitat and preserve that covers 32,000 acres in southern eastern Colorado.

Association on American Indian Affairs

Dolan Geiman donates a percentage of web sales to the Association on American Indian Affairs. Formed in 1922, The Association on American Indian Affairs is the oldest non-profit serving Native American communities.

Thank You

Thank you to our collectors and partners in helping us protect the vitality of the West and all its habitants through these charitable partnerships.