Panel Paintings: Screenprints on Wood Boards

Back in our Chicago days, Dolan was well-known for a collection of small mixed media works on wood, each hand-painted and screen printed on 12" x 10" wood boards. If you happen to stumble across one of these works, these are an authentic Dolan Geiman original and collectible item from Dolan's 20+ year oeuvre. Each work should be hand-signed and dated on back.

Current value is difficult for us to establish, but we were actively retailing this collection for $49 each back in the day. Themes included butterflies, trees, flowers, deer, bison,  bear and other fauna; vintage cars, trucks, and trains; cowboys and cowgirls, and other nostalgic imagery all with a folk flavor.

 While the images are no longer available, you can occasionally find these on eBay via search for 'Dolan Geiman'.

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