Wholesale FAQs

Thank you for interest in representing Dolan Geiman’s artwork. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our wholesale terms. See Quick Reference for overviews of the various artwork collections available wholesale.

General Philosophy
Our goal is close-knit relationships with a few, dedicated retail partners. While we have participated in large wholesale marketplaces like the New York International Gift Fair in the past, large wholesale volume is simply not a goal anymore. Our mantra is quality over quantity. We are a passionate, hardworking, and detail-oriented husband and wife team and ask the same of our retail partners. This intimate, hands-on approach means we offer exclusivity, dedication, and a commitment to success for each and every retailer with whom we work. Weekly calls, midnight texts, and personalized emails with the latest original artworks are something we just consider routine when it comes to serving our stores.
Brick and mortar galleries and shops that specialize in fine art, American handcrafted, and/or upscale home decor are encouraged to contact us. Interior designers, please complete the Trade Application. We are not pursuing wholesale opportunities with online retailers at this time. If you are a catalog interested in drop shipment, please contact us to further discuss.
Retail Price Range of Artwork
While we do sell prints, small paintings, pet art, and other small works that retail for under $250, our focus and passion is the creation of original artworks retailing for $1800 and up. Our most successful stores are those that sell original work between $650 and $5000.
Minimum Opening Order
For opening orders, the minimum order quantity is as follows:
If ordering Paper Prints only – 12
Original Artworks and/or BOX PRINT reproductions on wood – 5

Wholesale buyers purchasing only Paper Prints must abide by the minimum quantities shown above. Higher-priced original artworks and BOX PRINT reproductions on wood have a lower minimum order requirement. Wholesale buyers must purchase a minimum of 5 original artworks and/or BOX PRINT reproductions on wood. Buyers can select any combination of BOX PRINT reproductions and/or original artworks, including Paper Collages, Metal Wall Sculptures, Mixed Media Wall Art, as long as the total order comes to 5 pieces. In addition, wholesale buyers purchasing original artwork and/or BOX PRINT reproductions on wood are welcome to add-on Panel Paintings and/or Paper Prints to their order, without the usual minimum required for those collections.

Opening orders must be prepaid, prior to shipment. To pay via credit card, please request and return via fax to 866.418.1280 our credit card transaction form. Thereafter, reorders are billed net 30 if paid via check.
Stocking More Original Artwork
Understanding the monetary commitment we ask of our stores, we work with our retailers on an individual basis to help them succeed with sales of original artwork. More than anything, we keep the channels of communication open, always ready for discussion, and remain flexible to the needs of each store owner. 

To this end, we offer programs to incentivize sales of original artwork:
A Hybrid Wholesale-Consignment Program:
We are pleased to offer a hybrid wholesale-consignment program to qualified retailers.
Retailers whose gross wholesale orders total $1000 within a six month period, have successfully sold a selection of our artworks, and have experience selling other art or decorative accessories with a retail price over $1000 are eligible to receive additional artworks on a consignment basis. Consignment sales are handled in your choice of one of two ways: (1) retailer pays for shipping of all consigned artworks for a standard 50-50 (artist-retailer) split; or (2) we (artist) pay for shipping of all consigned artworks for a 60-40 (artist-retailer) split. Payment is due within 30 days of the sale of any item on consignment. Retailers pay for return shipping of all unsold consigned works 12 months from the date of receipt.
Allowing artwork exchanges can better enable our stores to test new art collections, keep inventory fresh, and bring specific works into a store for client viewings. For this reason, we are open to stores exchanging unsold works for new art. Unlike our hybrid wholesale-consignment program, we don’t impose a specific monetary threshold to quality. Instead, exchanges are considered and discussed on a case-by-case basis. If approved for exchanges, artworks must be in their original condition with no sign of damage or distress and retailers are responsible for all packing and shipping costs associated with the exchange. If a returned work shows any wear & tear or damage, we reserve the right to refuse the exchange. Artworks may be exchanged within 12 months from the date of receipt.

Galleries and Consignment
We understand that many art galleries only operate on a consignment basis with their artists. If you’re interested in representing Dolan Geiman’s artwork in your gallery, please contact us and we’d be happy to consider your request.

Retailers are responsible for shipping costs. All orders ship via FedEx Ground. Shipping costs are not calculated until the order is fully packed and ready for shipment. Items are packed safely but efficiently to minimize the number of cartons and reduce shipping costs. Upon request, we can provide a shipping estimate prior to completion of your order. Shipping costs vary but domestic orders will never exceed 10% of the order sub-total.

Refunds are offered within two days of receipt of artwork on damaged goods only. If an order has arrived in damaged condition, please contact us immediately for further instruction. Please keep all original packaging materials on hand for return shipment of the order. All work kept beyond 2 days without notification is assumed to be delivered safely and is considered a final sale.

To ensure our retailers are able to provide unique product offerings in their community, we strive to offer exclusive relationships, based on zip code for our retail partners. Exclusivity is only offered for those collection(s) actively stocked in the store and, after six months of inactivity, stores lose this exclusive status.
Contact Ali Marie Geiman to place an order via telephone or email. See our contact information in the footer of the site.