First Dibs Club

As our clients and fans know, we do a lot of art fairs each year. And that means new originals often sell at shows before we can present them online or in our newsletter. So we’re starting a separate e-mail list for individuals interested in viewing the latest original artworks the moment they’re completed in the studio. These emails will be short and sweet, including only photos, dimensions, and pricing information for these latest artworks. Both individuals and businesses are welcome to join the list and, as an added bonus, First Dibs Club members receive a 10% discount on any advance art purchase.

Want to join? Visit our Newsletter Subscription Page and select First Dibs Club at the bottom of the page. Or just Send Us a Message with complete contact details and message “First Dibs Club”. We’d love to hear more about your home, the space(s) you are looking to hang work, favorite past works, or any other artwork requests you’d like to include.