The Shooting Gallery: Inca Boot Company

Evan Streusand of Inca Boot Company

We’re always inspired by other young, creative entrepreneurs developing ways to combine art, craft, and commerce to produce social change. We do our part by working with such environmental organizations like and Tress for the Future, while also committing ourselves to charitable giving + eco-friendly business practices. Recently, we were introduced to the Austin, TX, based founder of Inca Boot Company, Evan Streusand, who fairly and equitably employs Peruvian craftspeople in the creation of gorgeous, masterfully created women’s boots, shoes, and bags. Featuring traditional, woven Incan textile elements, Inca Boot Company was started after an inspiring trip to Peru that Evan took in 2004, when he purchased his first pair of handmade Incan boots. Returning in 2007 to establish working relationships with Peruvian craftspeople, Evan then launched his business stateside with glowing, successful results.

We totally dig Evan’s business model, and find the Inca Boot Company line of products (described as the ‘Anti-Uggs’) to be absolutely hip + fantastic! According to a recent article, Willie Nelson is a dream client of Evan’s – that alone makes us super excited to check out his upcoming men’s line of boots!

Inca Boot Company’s Q’ECHUA FIREFLY + CLASSIC TALL TAN boots

Inca Boot Company’s BANDITA SANDAL + INTI STRIPED GREY slipper


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