The Shooting Gallery: Tumbleweed Texstyles

Texas Tumbleweed Rivers T-Shirt - "River Weed" - Sand Shirt with Blue Ink from Tumbleweed Texstyles

River Weed

Tumbleweed Texstyles are the T-shirt designs of artist Jeb Matulich, also known as Junky Trinkets, brimming with Texas pride. Jeb has been very supportive of our artwork over the years and wrote about us in 2010. He was kind enough to gift us a shirt in Fort Worth last week, which we love and had to share here on the blog.

Texas City T-shirt - "I've Been Everywhere" - Red Heather Blend from Tumbleweed Texstyles

I've Been Everywhere

Origami Texas - Navy Blue Heather Blend from Tumbleweed Texstyles

Origami Texas

Visit the Tumbleweed Texstyles Etsy shop and Jeb’s other shops: Junky Trinkets and Texowa Designs.

Drink Texas Beer - Light Blue Heather Blend T-Shirt from Tumbleweed Texstyles

Drink Texas Beer

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