Artist Spotlight: Elly MacKay

Side by side art by Elly MacKay

Side by side

We came across the work of Elly MacKay, also known as theater clouds on Etsy, thanks to a shared treasury feature. Elly MacKay is a Canadian artist, illustrator and educator working from Owen Sound, Ontario. Her dreamy artwork is often used to illustrate children’s books. While MacKay spent many years making tunnel books¬†sold at 1st Hand Gallery in Toronto, her artistic process now is truly unique.

Somewhere Between art by Elly MacKay

Somewhere Between

MacKay cuts out and layers her drawings in tiny, three-dimensional installations or stage sets in a paper theater. She meticulously assembles a world, complete with backgrounds and deliberate lighting from various angles. Then, she photographs her creation. You can learn more about the process here.

Elly MacKay

Prints of these photographs are available in her Etsy shop. Follow along with Elly MacKay’s creations at her blog or on twitter.

She brought back a gift of the season... art by Elly MacKay

She brought back a gift of the season

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