Woodpecker Collection (Large)

21" x 26" x 2"
salvaged wood and found objects with acrylic and silk screen on wood cutouts

Rescued Wood Constructions

If you have ever been driving in the country and seen a strange, lanky figure dragging a pile of mixed debris across the meadow on a tarp, there is a chance you have spotted Dolan Geiman during a frequent materials scavenger hunt. These collected materials make a pilgrimage from country trash piles and city alleyways to Geiman's studio, where they are stored in wheelbarrows, bins, and overflowing wood piles soon to be reused and repurposed in the name of hangable art.

Named Rescued Wood Constructions to reflect both the salvaged wood and the assimilation of various materials, these pieces are three-dimensional, tactile, and rich with ingredients from all over the country. Each Rescued Wood Construction is one-of-a-kind, a fresh assemblage of the month's latest discoveries combined with one of Geiman's signature silkscreened wood cutouts (Songbird, Trophy Deer, and Baltimore Crab to name a few). A compelling blend of bold images and tactile surfaces, Rescued Wood Constructions are engaging conversation pieces for small home interiors.

Rescued Wood Constructions are created almost entirely from salvaged materials. Most paint is recycled household paint and silk screened images are hand-printed with water-based textile inks.